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Côte de France, created in 1936, embodies French taste in the world of chocolate by marrying sensual flavors with the purity of the raw material.

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Located between the Opéra Garnier and the Louvre Museum, the chocolate factory was created in 1936 and has since embodied the values of excellence and elegance of Parisian life. Known for its exceptional ganaches and pralines with ingredients from the best terroirs, the house continues to perpetuate the fine tradition of French chocolate at 25 Avenue de l’Opéra.
Our craftsmen select the best almonds from Valence and hazelnuts from Piedmont to make the pralines, cooked the old-fashioned way in magnificent copper cauldrons. The company also seeks to promote French terroirs by using certain culinary emblems of France, such as Guérande fleur de sel or Espelette chilli pepper.
While taste is of primary importance at Côte de France, presentation is also very important, as the pleasure of eating must always be preceded by an aesthetic pleasure. A veritable anthology of copper, ochre and brown, our different cases are selected with the aim of sublimating our chocolate creations. Customers are invited to select their favourite chocolates to fill the box of their choice and thus offer a piece of French elegance to their loved ones.

Côte de France shines as far away as Japan and sold in fine departement stores. A selection of refined chocolates and new, highly rated recipes are contributing to France’s culinary prestige.

Distribution: Shops in Paris, Outlet in Japan

François De Bretagne


Côte de France – Boutique

25, avenue de l’Opéra – F – 75001 Paris

+33 (0)1 44 51 94 74