Côte de France

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Côte de France, created in 1936, incarnates French taste in the world of chocolate by marrying sensual flavors with the purity of the raw material.

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The brand’s chocolates combine the classicism of chocolate with the style of gourmet innovations: traditional pralines with hazelnuts and almonds of certified origin, prestige ganache containing 70% cocoa, “mendicants” and “calissons”…

Côte de France shines as far away as Japan and sold in fine departement stores. A selection of refined chocolates and new, highly rated recipes are contributing to France’s culinary prestige.

Distribution: Shops in Paris, Outlet in Japan

François De Bretagne


Côte de France – Boutique

25, avenue de l’Opéra – F – 75001 Paris

+33 (0)1 44 51 94 74