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Maison Mésange follows in the footsteps of Maison Artzner. Without revolutionizing, the concept evolves, opening up even more to exceptional Alsatian products and a renewed catering offer.

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Maison Mésange bears this name because it is located on Rue de la Mésange. And if we have taken this beautiful bird as an emblem, the Mésange we are talking about is a cannon, installed in Strasbourg in the 17th century!

Maison Mésange is the fine grocery store for lovers of Alsatian products, the caterer for hurried gourmets, or not, and the exceptional counter so that each meal is a celebration.

Maison Mésange is a gourmet nest in the heart of Strasbourg.

This company is capitalistically owned by Omnia

Coraline MESTRE


Maison Mésange
Caterer – Fine Grocery – Exceptional Counter

7 Rue de la mésange – 67000 Strasbourg

Shop : 03 88 32 05 00