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Sourcing, importing and distributing green coffee from European coffee roasters

Belco is a company that sources, imports and distributes green coffee in France and Europe from independent roasters.

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Because its customers’ future depends on the quality and traceability of the coffees they offer, Bel

With its team of 55 passionate people made up of sourcers, agronomists, Q-graders, field engineers, logisticians, quality controllers and support functions, Belco defends a more sustainable and traceable coffee growing system, guided by diversity and quality. To implement its vision, Belco is located in Ethiopia, El Salvador and Colombia, in order to ensure proximity and support in the field throughout the year with the producers. All the Belco players are united around a common goal: to offer sustainably produced coffees to which they associate social, economic and environmental projects.

Belco is also Art of Coffee, the European leader in Slow Coffee accessories and equipment for roasters. Art of Coffee tests and selects the best products to reveal the potential of each cup.

Alexandre Bellangé

Managing director


28 rue François Arago – 33700 Mérignac

+33 (0)5 56 16 56 56