Sourcing, importing and distributing green coffee from European coffee roasters

Belco is specialised in sourcing, importing and distributing specialty green coffees from European independent roasters.

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Because its customers’ future depends on the quality and traceability of the coffees they offer, Belco has chosen to break traditional import codes that did not make sense to the industry.

The company has set up a direct and field sourcing action, to import different and sustainable coffee, in which all actors can have confidence.

Involved intermediary, Belco has also made the choice to offer roasters a specific support for their development, thanks to an expert team, to training and distribution of professional equipment. 87% of coffees imported by Belco are now sourced and imported directly by his team, independently, without the intervention of any other intermediary.

Before any coffee sourcing, importation has become a way to develop in a positive and sustainable way the industry.

Alexandre Bellangé

Managing director


28 rue François Arago – 33700 Mérignac

+33 (0)5 56 16 56 56