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History of « Au Crocodile »

It is at the very beginning of the 19th century that the history of the « AU CROCODILE » begins.
The Church put this property up for sale and it is rumoured that it housed a convent.
One of Napoleon’s soldiers, Captain Ackermann, who had just returned from the Egyptian campaign, bought it.
Among the treasures brought back from the Nile was a stuffed crocodile.

Creation in



27 employees

In 1840, Mr. Ackermann sold it to Mr. Bentz who transformed the lieutenant into a restaurant.
In 1874, extension works are undertaken and a glass roof is installed.
In 1958, 1st star in the Michelin Guide by Ernest Schenck for the restaurant « Au Crocodile ».
In 1969, loss of the star by the HOLLAENDER brothers, who had owned the restaurant for two years.
In 1971, Monique and Emile Jung acquired « Au Crocodile ».
One year after the first star in the Michelin Guide is awarded.
In 1975, the second star was awarded for the work carried out over the last four years.
In 1989, a revolution took place in the history of Alsace: the restaurant was awarded the third star.
In 2009, Emile Jung sold his « Au Crocodile », which then had 2 Michelin stars, to Mr Bohrer.
In February 2015, with crocodile tears, the Michelin Guide withdraws the last star from the restaurant.
March 2015: Cédric Moulot, an Alsatian restaurateur, buys the establishment and draws a new future for « Au Crocodile ».
2016: The star is back in the Michelin Guide and 15.5/20, 3 « toques » at the Gault&Millau.
2017 : Member Relais et Châteaux
2019 : Collaboration of Mr Moulot and the Burrus family to completely renovate the restaurant « Au Crocodile » and take-off with a brand new team for a new star challenge.
Opening of the « Au Crocodile » on January 23rd, 2020.
2021 : Only one year after its reopening, the restaurant was again awarded a Guide Michelin star.

The new chief : Romain BRILLAT

Trained at the hotel school of Thonon-les-Bains, he trained in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region before assisting chefs Mathieu Viannay, with two Michelin stars in Lyon, and then Gilles Goujon, with three Michelin stars in Fontjoncouse.
In February 2019, he travelled to Strasbourg to launch the new Maïence restaurant. From then on, how could he not fall in love with Alsace?
So here is Romain Brillat at the helm of the brand new kitchens at « Au Crocodile », in the heart of Strasbourg’s historic district. His wish? To respect the prestigious past of the establishment thanks to his knowledge of the secrets of traditional cuisine, while remaining attentive to the influences of the moment.
His perfect mastery of cooking, his extraordinary sauces and his enthusiasm allow him to “make a beautiful cuisine that appeals to gourmets, drawing his inspiration from the Alsatian soil”.



Restaurant Au Crocodile

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