Chez Yvonne

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The winstub Chez Yvonne has been in the tradition of Alsatian winstubs since 1873 and strives to offer quality traditional cuisine. The restaurant has hosted many political personalities, including heads of state Boris Yeltsin, Jacques Chirac and Helmut Kohl. In his memoirs, Chirac recalls one of his tête-à-tête dinners with the German Chancellor “at Chez Yvonne, one of the most famous restaurants in the Alsatian capital that we both know”.




22 pers.

In a traditional Alsatian setting, enjoy an authentic Winstüb. At Yvonne’s, the chef offers both local classics and modern reinterpretations of them – gourmet and daring cuisine at the same time!

Serge Cutillo


Restaurant Chez Yvonne

10 rue du Sanglier
67000 Strasbourg

+33 3 88 32 84 15