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47 employees

14 M€

60 Stores

Chairman : François de Bretagne

SAS ExcellenceZA La Vialette - F - 81150 Marssac sur Tarn

+33 (0)5 63 53 05 05





Regarded as the Paul Bocuse of pastry making, Yves Thuriès brings to the SALPA Group the reputation of a great Michelin star awarded Chef.

Twice elected Best craftsman in France ("Meilleur Ouvrier de France"), and author of an erudite 12 volumes culinary encyclopedia, Yves Thuriès has long been a trendsetter.

This fervent defender of the quality of pastry making and French cuisine has found in chocolate the way to express his passion for gourmet creation.

Since 1991, he has dedicated himself to the chocolate craft developing a high quality range of products for his boutiques. As a grand pastry chef and chocolate maker, he uses ingredients from the finest terroirs in the world to shape his recipes.

His factory, Chocolaterie Excellence, has become the embassy of successful fine chocolate creations, such as the marbled chocolate bars and even the truffeline.

This modern and high-performing chocolate factory, located in Marssac-sur-Tarn, is at the cuttind edge of chocolate creation, and spreads the "chocolate way of life" through a network of 60 boutiques.

boutique Yves Thuriès