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Plantation of hazelnuts Growing and harvesting hazelnuts


In-shell hazelnuts : 180 t

100 ha

Mirathe - F - 47120 Baleyssagues

+33 (0)5 53 83 70 06

The hazelnut has given its delicate soul to chocolate, resulting in the finest of praline delicacies. Faithful to its policy of having control over its raw materials, since 2000, the group has logically acquired 100 hectares of hazel trees and nurseries in southwestern France.

Alongside Ecuadorian cocoa beans, Guyenne's nurseries and hazelnuts (from a recognized terroir)are makint their own contribution to the excellence of the group's chocolates.

Soon, a doubling of the surface area, combined with the latest cultivation methods, will make it possible to strengthen this brand of instantly edible hazelunt, enhancing the intensity of a delicious chocolate.