Jean-Paul Burrus
Jean-Paul Burrus, Chairman

Jean-Paul Burrus
François de Bretagne, Managing director

At SALPA, we are passionate about our expertise in tea, coffee and chocolate.

Our motto: to provide our customers with the best our local producers have to offer, accompanied by unrivalled production expertise.

Since 2014, we have our own cocoa plantations in Ecuador and we are involved in a sustainable development protocol with tea and coffee growers.

Selecting and transforming these raw materials requires precise know-how, particularly in crucial stages such as roasting, coating, sugar-coating and quality control.

Our company is deeply attached to innovation, from such noble materials, our manufacturing workshops develop new recipes and original flavours in the name of taste and delicacy.

From Strasbourg to Bordeaux, from Le Havre to Marssac-sur-Tarn,, our SME fulfils these various assignments with great expertise.
We are committed to a partnership that favours the professional development of our customers, craftsmen, pastry chefs, chocolate makers and franchisees. We speak the same passionate language, just like our chocolate virtuosos.

Our strategic objective is to bring out the identity of each company involved within Holding SALPA, by combining resources and talents in an ambitious project for long-term growth in France and through export.

Jean-Paul Burrus,
François de Bretagne,
Managing director