The Group brands

Schaal Chocolatier Marquise de Sévigné Musée du chocolat Yves Thuriès Pépinières et noisetiers de Guyenne Côte de France Pfister Chocolatier CFT Herbapac Coffea Belco Arts du Sucre Secrets des Grands Express Château La Grave Béchade


430 employees

85 M€

Chairman : Jean-Paul Burrus
Managing director : François de Bretagne

Rue du Pont du Péage - F-67118 Geispolsheim

+33 (0)3 88 55 04 83



Viadeo : salpa

linkedin : salpa


Today, SALPA forms part of the elite of a passionate profession and masters the various links in the chain, from the supply of raw materials, such as cocoa and hazelnuts, to the manufacture and distribution of the very finest products.

Nine tea, coffee and chocolate companies are promoting the best of taste and delicacy among demanding professionals and informed consumers

High quality products are distributed using two networks totalling 130 points of sale and two museums which are perpetuating in France the legend of the flavours and terroirs of the world.

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