Salpa Ecuador,
produits Salpa Ecuador,

Cocoa and banana tree plantations growing, harvesting and transforming beans


150 employees

8 M€

Cocoa : 700 t - Bananas:1700 t

540 ha

Manager : Neil Chiquet

+593 992126742


+Salpa Ecuador

Baptized San Fernando in tribute to Fernand Burrus, chocolate industry pioneer in Eastern France, the hacienda is located in Ecuador in the Guayaqui region, nicknamed the pearl of the Pacific.

It is a pearl that reflects the most beautiful qualities of South American cocoa beans. 500 hectares of cocoa tree plantations are being farmed by the group, with a commitment to sustainable development.

Jean-Paul Burrus, current president of the holding, wished to ensure complete control over the chocolate sector from 2015 by supplying 700 tonnes of the best raw cocoa to the flagship chocolate makers in the group.

JP Burrus Salpa Ecuador