produits Coffea,

Coffee with passion


140 employees

13 M€

60 Stores

Participation : 20%

Managing director : Hubert Dessaint

Z.I. Les Alizés III- Parc du Hode - Zone 5 - F - 76430 Saint Vigor d’Ymonville

+33 (0)2 35 13 09 80





Coffea shares its passion for fresh, hand-made and good coffee, since its creation in Le Havre in 1968.

Siège Coffea

Thanks to its network of branches and franchise boutiques, Coffea shares its passion for fresh coffee around France.

To make customers experience a true gourmet adventure, Coffea controls all the stages of product creation: from drastic raw material selection to roasting for releasing the rich coffee aromas.

All the coffees are roasted using a slow, artisan method.

They are freshly ground in the shops to preserve their flavor and allow them to adapt the customer's tasted and their type of coffee machine.

The same approach to quality applies to tea and chocolates that complete Coffea's offer: every day in their shops, dedicated Coffea employees endeavor to provide personalized advice tailored to customers' desires.