Importing and distributing green coffee to craftsmen in Europe


30 employees

30 M€

Managing director : Alexandre Bellangé

ZI du Phare - 11 rue Faraday - F - 33700 Mérignac

+33 (0)5 56 16 56 56





It is not a chance that Belco settled in the midst of a region of grand cru vineyards.
Coffee, just like wine, is an art which is praticed with passion. Belco is a family company located at Merignac in the Gironde and it realizes its calling with optimism - selecting, importing and distributing green coffee for European coffee roasters.

Its expertise in more than 40 coffee terroirs throughout the world makes it possible for Belco to create a durable bond between producers and artisan coffee roasters.

In a sector undergoing full-scale transformation, Belco supports the active professionalization of a network of craftsmen passionate about their work.

By enhancing the taste of grand crus from very high quality sources, these coffee devotees provide the consumer with a stimulating tasting experience.

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